Dr. Mina Guirguis

My approach to therapy varies to suit the need of the patient. I will focus on the issue and work with the patient on a solution utilizing evidence-based psychological counseling. I will help the patient identify thoughts that are causing emotional pain and hinder the patient from moving forward. It's a collaborative process between the patient and the therapist to bring on the needed changes. In working with patients with skin disorders, the focus would be to help the patient deal with the pain the skin condition is causing them. 


I received my Doctor of Psychology degree in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis in Behavioral Medicine from the California School of Professional Psychology in 2005 and a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology in 2003. My training focused on providing psychological counseling treatment to patients with medical conditions that negatively impact their lives. 

I am an active member of various vitiligo support groups and enjoy offering talks and consultations relating to psychodermatology.

Dr. Mina Guirguis

Licensed Clinical Psychologist - Psychodermatologist

Psych #23685

Member of the Association for Psychoneurotaneous Medicine of North America

"The brain is wider than the sky."

Emily Dickinson




Dr. Mina Guirguis's professional therapeutic services are offered to clients who are invested in improving their personal lives. Evidence-based psychotherapy treatment is provided by Dr. Guirguis to assist clients to better deal with difficult life situations. Evidence-based treatment has been found to be effective in treating depression, anxiety, and stress-related disorders. Psychotherapy has also been found to assist couples to improve relationships and address relational issues.

Vitiligo and other dermatological conditions- Psychotherapy/counseling services are tailored to help address the emotional and psychological concerns related to various dermatological conditions in order to improve the overall well-being and adherence to medical treatment.

Being part of an interdisciplinary team at Moataz Giurgius, M.D. INC., which include a Board certified Psychiatrist, you will find that many of your mental health needs will be addressed.

Online Therapy

Online video psychotherapy is offered to patients who find difficulty attending in-office sessions through a confidential and HIPAA compliant website. Please refer to the address below to be able to connect with Dr. Guirguis for an online therapy session.



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Insurance will be accepted if the patient is a member of PIH or Applecare medical groups. If your insurance is not accepted, you will be provided with a superbill to provide to your insurance company for partial or full reimbursement. 

* At this time online psychotherapy only accepts credit card payment. 


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